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TextCrawler 3

  • 3.1.3 - 3 May 2022
    Different line colouring available for preview above/below hits
    Fixes for previewing files with multiple line ending types
  • 3.1.2 - 26 May 2021
    New Filtering: Hidden files and folders, relative timestamps
    "Special Replace" functions now available in batch mode
    Output section is now collapsible
    Store column order between sessions
    Store window layout between sessions
    New option: Hide the results of batch commands where nothing was found
    Fix: Improved support for extended unicode file names
    Fix: Combobox Autocomplete removed to prevent history issue.
    Fix 'Marked files only' mode stuck when list empty
    Fix "Open With" now works on path/file names with spaces
    Fix: Other minor bugfixes.
  • 3.1.1 - 7 Mar 2018
    Ability to use logical AND in batch mode. (e.g. Only find/process files containing ALL search terms)
    Display current file processing in status bar
    Toggle to display file list and preview pane side-by-side (column mode)
    Autocomplete suggestion when typing search terms/paths
    Scratchpad improvements (context menu, etc)
    Overwrite/collision rename option when Move/Copying files
    Added "Clear scratchpad on Extract" option back in.
    Bugfix: Batch screen search tool fixed
    Misc UI display fixes and other minor bugfixes.
  • 3.1.0 - 4 Oct 2016
    Now runs natively on .NET Framework 4.5 or greater.
    High-DPI monitor support
    Multiple editing of options in batch editor
    Date filters in batch editor
    Changed files are now listed in log
  • 3.0.5 - 15 Jun 2016
    Search can now be filtered between file and folder dates modified/created.
    Can now select multiple commands to move/duplicate/delete in batch editor.
    Allow user-selectable font for editing areas.
    New log file functionality - logs type/number of replacements and any errors.
    Files with read/write errors now are shown in list.
    Output exit code/errorlevel upon application closure for use by Windows batch scripts.
    (Bugfix) Line missing when previewing multi line replace with multi-line preview turned on.
    (Bugfix) File import doesn't automatically checkmark imported rows.
  • 3.0.4 - 6 Feb 2016
    "Preview Replace" button is now a toggle.
    Enable/Disable commands in batch process
    New command line parameters: /fn [filename] - single input file, /of [path] - set output to folder
    Misc Bugfixes.
  • 3.0.3 - 19 Nov 2014
    -Import text file to batch list fixed and updated
    -Keyboard shortcuts added (F11 Full window mode, F9 Show/Hide clipboard viewer)
    -Send line number to external programs now works in all situations
    -Preview change case now works in line mode
    -Other minor fixes
  • 3.0.2 - 27 Oct 2014
    -First public release of TextCrawler Pro
    -Full window file list/preview mode
    -Search and replace in clipboard
    -Write output files to new folder
    -Output to the Scratchpad
    -Find/Replace by line number range
    -Ignore whitespace
    -Change case / replace with current filename
    -Preview for batch mode
    -Move, copy or delete files
    -Preview replacements in Diff tool
    -Commands for batch mode - set start folder, etc
    -Execute batch scripts from command line/batch file

TextCrawler 2

  • 2.5
    -Bugfix: Start up error in combo boxes
    -Bugfix: Error in options folder select button.
  • 2.4
    -Keyboard shortcuts added to main menu
    -Tweaked layout in Options
    -Can change Right-click app from Options window.
    -Fix to stop comboboxes from highlighting upon window move/resize
    -Links update
    -Installer update
  • 2.3
    -Gives correct count for batch mode replace, with performance benefit
    -Doesn’t update file timestamp if replace operation cancelled
    -'Clear All Marks' context menu function added.
    -Resizable Regex library window
    -Removed donate link
    -Batch scripts now preserve multi-line entries correctly when reloaded
    -Layout improved when using larger system fonts
    -File Properties command now works on Windows 7/8 64bit
    -File Type column now works on Windows 7/8 64bit
    -Windows 8 compatible installer / Digitally Signed
  • 2.2
    -Added encoding output selection option - force UTF8, etc.
    -Improved accessible descriptions on controls/buttons
    -Batch Mode and Library now supports non-regex entries
    -Copy selected Path/Filename(s) to clipboard (Right-click on list)
    -‘are you sure’ if overwriting in regex library bugfix.
    -'Marked files becoming unmarked' bugfix.
    -Uninstaller bugfix
    -Microsoft .NET Framework auto-getter removed.
  • 2.1
    Preview file in scratchpad
    Description field in batch editor
    'SendTo' Explorer integration
    Bugfixes and usability tweaks
  • 2.0
    Recoded to use .NET framework
    Fully Unicode Compatible
    Many new features added.
    Settings now portable (No longer uses registry)

TextCrawler 1

  • 1.1.4
    Fixed control tab order sequence
  • 1.1.3
    File properties window from right-click context menu
    Fixed 'Create blank file' bug if file moved or deleted.
    Correctly escape $ symbol in standard replace ("$_" bug)
    Fixed greyed out File/Filter bug when marked file deleted/moved
    Updated Splash screen.
  • 1.1.2
    Marked files/File selection bug fixed.
  • 1.1.1
    Preview window background now default colour
    Extract bug fixed where hits are counted twice
  • 1.1 Final
    Works properly with customised XP themes
    Folder browse crash fixed
    Batch tool library updates automatically
    Esc key behavior in options fixed.
  • 1.1 (Beta)
    Bugfixes, stability fixes.
    Delete and Update entries in RegEx library
    New Batch Process tool for running multiple operations on files.
    Preview results from all files in same window (optional)
    List files in search with no hits (optional)
    Clear Histories
    Show/Hide Line nos
    Find/Replace & path box dynamic resize.
  • 1.0.6 - Open With... option in right-click file context menu
    RegEx Test button/expanded test form
    Special codes bugfix
    Minor aesthetic fixes/bugfixes
  • 1.0.5 - Stop Search button
    Control characters in reg ex replace string (/r /n /t //)
    Get start folder from windows command line (ie. can use sendto from explorer)
    Cursor key preview fix
    Window position correctly restored
  • 1.0-4 -  Sort caused incorrect marked rows to be referenced- major bugfix
  • 1.0-3 - Removed max size limitation in combo boxes,
    Optimized form layout,
    Resizable File and preview windows,
    Store Replace texts in RegEx library,
    Store window settings,
    Right-click Context menu in file window.
  • 1.0-2 - Bugfix (Preview crash after replace), Verify valid regex before Find.
  • 1.0-1 - VBScript check. Splash Screen.
  • 1.0-0 - Initial Release