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Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v5.20 - 30th Aug 2023

  • 'Add this folder to Ignore list' in Parent folder submenu
  • PDF Thumbnail preview (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • .TS Video file support
  • Image Metadata: Bytes per pixel (Average)
  • Image Metadata: Sorted/unsorted keywords
  • Save filter range settings for groups/file sizes
  • Store drive grouping setting in Folders to Search
  • Fix: Prev/Next group buttons greyed out in Preview Window
  • Fix: Clear cache error
  • Fix: 0x0 dimensions size shown for images with incorrect file extensions
  • Fix: Preview/thumbs not always showing all images
  • Other misc fixes
  • Updated manual

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v5.19 - 31st Mar 2023

  • View/Edit Property sheet for multiple files
  • Canon .CR3 raw support
  • New filter for duplicate list: Group has some but not all marked
  • Copy file name/copy folder name/copy both split into separate context commands
  • Keywords list in metadata now sorted alphabetically
  • Fix: Clear Cache button now clears caches
  • Fix: Various fixes for Image scanning on portable media devices
  • Fix: displaying empty root duplicate folder with 'Black square'
  • Fix: Display preview scaling for images
  • Fix: Can't minimize main window when creating virtual drives
  • Fix: "Win_Maximized_" setting error pop up on opening a window
  • Other misc fixes
  • Updated manual

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v5.18 - 14th Dec 2022

  • Move/Copy files - folder structure options
  • File size tolerance - user can now specify units, including percentage difference
  • Column order in results list is now saved
  • "Scan subfolders" option added to Hash Tool
  • Improved file removal error messages for log
  • Separated metadata pass from file discovery to allow progress to be shown
  • Fix: Overflow when matching very long (duration) video files
  • Fix: Support full exif rotation and flip range on Image preview and thumbnails
  • Fix: Similar metadata field matching not ignoring case
  • Fix: Make 'Same aspect ratio' more tolerant of small pixel differences.
  • Turkish language update
  • Other misc fixes
  • Updated manual

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v5.17.2 - 3rd Oct 2022

  • Fix: Cancelling scan in certain modes shows blank results tab
  • Fix: Long paths move/rename/copy operation reported as failed when it was successful.
  • Other minor fixes

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v5.17.1 - 21st Sept 2022

  • Improvement: Duplicate folder list paging, search and filtering
  • Improvement: Thumbnail mode now supports multi-selection
  • Improvement: Windows Shortcuts now log an error on long path
  • Improvement: JFIF support added to image mode
  • Fix: Export duplicates to csv/batch fails (exported 0 files) if duplicate tab not loaded
  • Fix: List searching and marking doesn't work as expected on metadata groups containing null data.
  • Fix: Previously saved scans not loading
  • Fix: Long path support for reading/creating hardlinks
  • Fix: Errors caused by multiple program instances. Now enforced single session unless using custom data location set via the commandline (see manual).
  • Fix: Direct delete (Del key) not triggering refresh in Unique files list
  • Fix: No results when certain combinations of tolerances used.
  • UI: Misc UI improvements
  • UI: DataGrid changed, grouping view removed.

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v5.16 - 29th April 2022

  • Language updates: IT,HU,SK,DE
  • UI Improvements and fixes
  • "Exact match - including blanks" setting for metadata (Im, Vid, Aud modes)
  • Added more cultural separators (e.g. commas) to relevant fields
  • Ignore "copy" part of filename - Updated so it detects numbers eg File, File (2) etc - works with x - Copy, x - Copy (2), x (2)
  • Removed pop-up warning on renaming all files in a group.
  • Improved pop-up input for renaming files and entering folder names.
  • Preview Window - remember thumbnail size
  • FIX: Catch for AccessViolationException crash in external library (Protected memory - corrupted process state) - Graceful exit and writes to log file.
  • FIX: Sel Assist misc fixes
  • FIX: Duplicate folder search bar not working
  • FIX: Thumbnails/tiles not updating
  • FIX: Update user filter settings with fixed HEIC/WEBP separators if needed
  • FIX: Full/Quick Video soundtrack fingerprint settings tweak.

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v5.15 - 14th March 2022

  • Thumbnail and preview window display fixes
  • Installer update

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v5.14 - 4th March 2022

  • Added: Simplified Chinese translation
  • Added: Updated Estonian language translation
  • Added: .m2ts, .rm/.rmvb video support
  • Added: Photoshop PSD image support (needs raw image support option checkmarked)
  • Added: "Mark by Location" section to the Selection Assistant
  • Added: Selection Assistant:"All but matching set in each group" mode
  • Added: Custom similar audio settings
  • Added: 'Find duplicates' sub-options to "Folders to Search" context menu.
  • Added: New image metadata fields including subseconds, tags, rating and IPTC title/description
  • Added: Keyboard shortcuts in Duplicate folders tab
  • Added: Temporary space limit setting for zip/archive files
  • Added: Disable Windows sleep while scanning
  • FIX: Group background coloring including clearer banding
  • FIX: Crash when changing Timespan tolerances
  • FIX: Secondary locale settings are ignored
  • FIX: Saving Selection Assistant settings.
  • FIX: Files in long paths >260 are not reporting as being deleted (listed as -99 fails) (via WindowShell) even though they are deleted.
  • FIX:The left and right arrows above the right sidebar of the image preview do not deactivate when the groups reach the end.
  • FIX: Rotated images displaying at wrong size in thumbnail mode
  • FIX:Duplicate filename+path within zip files causing delete operation to fail.
  • FIX: Improved rotated image detection.
  • Updated manual
  • Many other fixes and improvements

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v5.0.13 - 10th Sep 2021

  • Image search - custom similarity setting
  • Import CSV (with optional user added columns)
  • Desktop added in folder tree
  • Added-"drop folder tree" in Parent menu
  • Added-"protect/unprotect" in Parent menu
  • Smooth scrolling and updating added as option (on by default)
  • Save scan - show last loaded name in save box
  • Filter to selected rows
  • Filter by protected files
  • Fix-Checkbox doubleclick opens files
  • Fix-Recalculate group shading when filtered
  • Fix-Selection highlight colour changes depending on group background colour
  • Fix-Image preview - keyboard F4 to close
  • Fix-Text matching SelAsst operations fail on Numeric columns
  • Fix-Re-filtering in tile mode doesnt work
  • Installer DotNet framework >=4.7.2 check
  • Hungarian and Slovak translations updated.
  • Manual updated

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v5.0 - 6th Aug 2021

  • Major new release!
  • New: video mode - match video files by content (video, audio or both) and metadata.
  • New: Wizards - get a quick start on preset scan types
  • New: Themes. Great new UI with light and dark themes. Create your own.
  • New: Load and save scans - save the complete results or just the settings.
  • New: Create your own offline 'virtual folders' to scan against - no need for the original drive/network share to be present.
  • New: Tools - Handy standalone tools for jobs such as removing empty folders and viewing and comparing file hashes.
  • New search criteria - in depth folder name and drive name matching
  • Support for more formats including HEIC images and RAR archives
  • Many other improvements - preview video files, improved Selection Assistant, more list filtering, new hash types, group images by similar time taken.

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v4.1.4 - 30th Jan 2020

  • Translation update and fixes
  • Command line license key registration implemented for version 4.x installer (-register="00000-00000-00000-00000-000000" flag)
  • Bugfix: Not matching first folders in root in 'Same folder name'

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v4.1.3 - 28th Oct 2019

  • Updates and improvements to Camera RAW Image support
  • Improvements to the updating of the Duplicate Folder list after removing files
  • Bugfix: Error messages on starting (Path/Folder tree)
  • Language updates
  • Installer tweaks

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v4.1.2 - 21st May 2019

  • Move/Copy via Windows Shell now optional
  • Improvements for users with High-Contrast themes
  • A few other minor tweaks

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v4.1.1 - 4th Dec 2018

  • Can now read metadata from Camera RAW Images (Scanning and preview)
  • Option to use embedded preview when scanning Camera RAW Images [Faster]
  • Improvements & fixes to Image Preview window
  • New list filters: Addded file type groupings & improved file filter editor
  • Added .jpe file extension support
  • New Criteria - Ignore duplicate groups within same folder (Duplicates in different folders only)
  • Thumbnail mode now supports RAW Images (Uses embedded JPG)
  • Keyboard shortcut for Find window: 'Find next' [CTRL-N]
  • Selected rows now retained upon sorting list
  • Added option to turn off duplicate list tooltips
  • Added command line switch to skip loading of folders from profile [/nf]
  • Bugfix - Removed extra comma on end of CSV export
  • Bugfix - Bug loading 4.0.5 and earlier profiles into 4.1.0
  • Bugfix - Current line moves to top of list after marking with Image Preview
  • Bugfix - Image mode - 'Exact match' not working for RAW Images
  • Other Misc fixes

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v4.1.0 - 14th Nov 2017

  • New comparison mode: Similar Audio
  • View the Duplicate list by grouped and thumbnail views. Thumbnails can show images and audio file artwork
  • Unique mode improvements for drive/folder comparison projects
  • Selection Assistant option: Work on unmarked groups only.
  • Selection Assistant improvements for 'All but one in each group' (Utilize existing marks, prefer longer file names)
  • Improved file-information pop-ups (hover over file name in list)
  • Saved file filters can now be combined
  • Improved checks to for initial folders mapping to the same location
  • Duplicate folder list column widths saved
  • Various other fixes

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v4.0.5 - 4th May 2017

  • Alternative delete method added (Non-windows shell based)
  • Bugfix: Crash if criteria date less than 2038 or greater than 1901
  • Bugfix: Incorrect saving of font option in certain locales (Strikethru issue)
  • Bugfix: Crash on some systems due to application instance checking in .NET Framework
  • Bugfix: Copyitem error when attempting to move/copy deleted files
  • Various other minor fixes
  • Improvements made to installer/uninstaller

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v4.0.4 - 4th Jan 2017

  • Image mode - 100% Exact pixels comparison mode added
  • Image Preview - various improvements including selectable thumbnail size/ratio
  • Overwrite/Rename option for Move/Copy function
  • Improved 'Find in list' functionality : selectable search columns
  • Improved layout for High-DPI/Large font/4K displays
  • Improved group ordering
  • Refresh list (check files) operation now background threaded
  • Bugfix - Database not found when using network UNC based profile location
  • Bufgix - Hard linking on read-only files leaves temp files
  • Bufgix - slow down when cycling through files with Image Preview window open
  • Bugfix - Removed group-related filters on unique tab
  • Bugfix - List position changes when marking and current position >50000
  • Other bugfixes

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v4.0.3 - 18th August 2016

  • Drive group view in path scan list
  • Hash cache improvements

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v4.0.2 - 4th August 2016

  • Support for RAW camera image formats
  • Support for High-DPI and large font displays
  • Audio data only comparison mode
  • Progress indicator when frontloading files to delete/move
  • Bugfixes: Windows Vista crash, Windows 8/10 hardlinking, other minor fixes.

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v4.0.1 - 23rd May 2016

  • Database issue fixes
  • CSV import issue fixed
  • Adding folders from command line issue resolved
  • License issue fixes

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v4.0.0 - 3rd May 2016

  • Updated GUI
  • Find unique files functionality
  • Match by same file extension
  • Match by same folder name (full path or to a specified depth)
  • Size matching tolerance
  • Date matching tolerance
  • Exclude filter can now work on folder names
  • Flag input folder(s) as a Master - Only files which duplicate the ones in the Master will be listed
  • Flag input folder(s) as Protected - you can't mark or remove from a protected folder
  • Image Mode - Match by tags (Digitised dates, comments, ImageUniqueID, etc)
  • Image Mode - Match by closest distance (for geotagged images)
  • Audio Mode - Match by more tags including TrackNo, year, genre, comment, AmazonID, MusicBrainzID, AcoustID, etc
  • Selection Assistant - Undo last selection
  • "Search within list" feature
  • Hash Caching - speeds up repeat searches
  • Now uses the windows file engine for deletion, etc - gives more feedback and is much faster
  • .NET Framework 4.5 support
  • Many other fixes and optimizations.

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v3.2.7

  • Scroll lock key support in main list.
  • User-definable database location via ini file
  • File discovery speed improved (Esp. NAS/Network drive)
  • Send license to program via installer (-register="00000-00000-00000-00000-000000" flag)
  • Bugfix: Arithmetic overflow error during scan.
  • Bugfix: Crash when moving mouse over list [Tooltip]
  • Bugfix: Move image preview window on back screen if outside bounds
  • Bugfix: Splash screen exception if system busy.
  • Other minor fixes

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v3.2.6

  • Program closedown speed improved.
  • Duplicate folders view: Now shows files from zip archives in list [Pro]
  • Duplicate folders count now shown in completion dialog [Pro]
  • Can now load .dc Profile from send-to menu / double click in explorer [Pro]
  • Bugfix: Network drive selector issues [Pro]
  • Bugfix: Scan complete dialog hidden behind main window
  • Bugfix: Select by location bug when missing trailing backslash
  • Bugfix: Duplicate folder export CSV - text fields now quoted [Pro]
  • Other minor fixes

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v3.2.5

  • New function to export Duplicate Folders list (from File menu)
  • Updated keyboard shortcuts: Enter/Return to execute file, Menu key or Shift-F10 for context menu.
  • Image viewer - window size/location is now saved.
  • Image viewer - F11 toggles maximized window
  • (Bugfix) Creating Hard links from locked files fails with temporary files left over.
  • (Bugfix) Invalid (non-Windows) filename characters cause scan to halt.
  • Other minor fixes
  • 臺灣中文 Taiwanese Chinese language support

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v3.2.4

  • Added button to delete custom file type filters
  • Language and localization updates and fixes
  • Other minor fixes

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v3.2.3

  • Russian, Armenian language support
  • Similar image comparison improved, including rotated images
  • (Bugfix) Don't Scan against self - Image Mode issue - resolved.
  • (Bugfix) Read-only files will now delete in non-recycle mode
  • (Bugfix) SQL Logic Error while scanning in similar file mode - resolved.

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v3.2.2

  • Network view in path browser (Pro)
  • Displaying the results of the last scan on startup now optional
  • Hard linking now available for non-exact duplicate files (e.g. Images, music). Use with care!
  • Audio data content comparison performance improved
  • Issues with Move/Copying files with long pathnames - resolved.
  • Include .aac files in audio mode scan
  • Image mode scan finding nothing on second scan (cache issue) - Fixed

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v3.2.1

  • Italian language support updated
  • [Scan Engine] Bugfix: Error adding file to SQL transaction (ignore file extensions option)
  • [Scan Engine] Bugfix: Duplicate image scan returning non-duplicate images in some cases [64 bit only]
  • [Misc] Bugfix: Export CSV Issue - (Null Error)
  • [Duplicate Files View] Bugfix: Files view showing Display Error

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v3.2.0

  • [Misc] 64 Bit Integration
  • [Duplicate Folders View] Can now multi-select folders for Marking/Expansion in Duplicate Folders view
  • [Selection Assistant] Fixed issues with Underscore character in 'Select by text' and filtering
  • [Duplicate Folders View] 'Unmark folder' context option now provided
  • [Duplicate Files View] Contextmenu – more keyboard shortcuts (ie F6 copy Path/name)
  • [Duplicate Files View] Bugfix: Rename doesn't cancel when hitting esc/moving cells
  • [Duplicate Files View] Bugfix: 'Rename' disappears when clicking in blank space
  • [Criteria] Bugfix: Don't allow blanks in min/max filesize
  • 'Refresh Folders' button now updates for removed folders/files
  • Bugfix: Duplicate Folder detection improved

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v3.1.6

  • Displays tooltips for truncated fields in list
  • Sorting now clears selected rows
  • Select by Location efficiency fixes
  • Select by Location (from window) now preserves (unmarks) files within the selected folder/tree
  • Installer "Start In" location changed to user folder

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v3.1.5

  • Dutch language support updated (Courtesy Fred van Waard)
  • Bugfix: Error saving/loading date based settings with some system setups
  • Bugfix: Select by Text Pattern: Regex/Whole column option works again
  • Bugfix: CSV Import fixes for importing from v3.0.0-3.0.9
  • Bugfix: 'License Invalid' issue
  • Bugfix: Zip Move/Copy fails on some files issue
  • Bugfix: Zip scan-long filename popup

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v3.1.4

  • Memory optimizations
  • Now displays sizes in Terrabytes where appropriate
  • 'Group 0' issues fixed
  • Useful error message if problems with licensing library
  • Ping noise on scan completion
  • Selected tab colour desubtlerized
  • Codebases of Free and Pro aligned
  • bugfix '124' move file display popup removed

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.1.3

  • -Added 'Exclude Path' to right-click path selection menu
  • -New option to ignore file extension in same/similar filename criteria
  • -SHA-512 Hashing added
  • -'View log file' added to View menu
  • -Bugfix: Settings save issue
  • -BugFix: Prevent zip files with long path names throwing error
  • -BugFix: Minor criteria display issue

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.1.2

  • -Installer and Executable now digitally signed
  • -Long path name (>260) support (file scanning - Standard mode only)
  • -Long path name support (delete *NOT Recycle - Recycler doesn't support long paths*)
  • -Long path name support (rename,copy,move)
  • -Efficiency fix - File checkbox
  • -Efficiency fix - 'Mark all selected'
  • -Efficiency fix - 'Mark by longest/shortest path name'
  • -Bugfix: Icon now shown for files with no extension

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.1.1

  • Case sensitivity in filter/comparison fixes
  • Efficiency tweaks

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.1.0

  • -Major engine update, now database driven.
  • -Session along with duplicate file/folder list and marks is retained upon exiting/starting the app
  • -Filter the list by Marked/not marked files and groups
  • -Filter the list by Path, group or filetype
  • -Duplicate folder tree has marked folders indicated - is synced with file list
  • -Columns in duplicate folder tree
  • -Hide/Show list columns (right click on header)
  • -File and folder icons shown in list
  • -Command line switches supported, for automation of scans. (See manual for commands)
  • -Various bugfixes and tweaks
  • Brazil-Portuguese and Turkish language support added

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.0.9

  • New 3.0 manual added, with contextual help buttons.
  • Clickable folder navigation in Duplicate Folder files browser
  • New keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL-A :Add Path, F1 Help
  • Bugfix: List population error with ignored hardlinks
  • Bugfix: 'Jump to containing' option visible on root nodes
  • Bugfix: File deletion memory/performance adjustments  

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.0.8

  • 'Same Resolution' image comparison option
  • Italian language added
  • Bugfix: List population error
  • Bugfix: Incorrect filetimes returned in list with some files.
  • Bugfix: Other minor fixes.

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.0.7

  • Dutch language support added
  • Copy and Move files from Zip archives
  • All file removal/change operations are now logged in the log file (when enabled)
  • Option to limit number of Duplicate files found in a scan
  • Thumbnails can be turned off in image viewer
  • Bugfix: Deals more usefully with unhandled problems - Eg. Missing/damaged Windows Fonts
  • Bugfix: Image viewer refresh + speed
  • Bugfix: Displayed total scanned size inside zip files corrected
  • Bugfix: Zip files in path list
  • Bugfix: zip files are no longer shown in duplicate list if they are also being scanned internally
  • Bugfix: Other general zip file handling fixes & messages
  • Bugfix: Localization fix
  • Bugfix: Listview memory efficiency
  • Bugfix: Other minor fixes.

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.0.6

  • Updated Image viewer - efficiency fixes and new 'Fit Image' behaviour
  • Automatically (silently) check for updates on startup (can turn off in options)
  • Installer checks for running process before upgrading
  • Bugfix: Scan window minimize behavior
  • Bugfix: "Ignore Hardlinks" option
  • Bugfix: "Don't Follow Junctions/Mountpoints" option
  • Bugfix: Error when deleting files from imported CSV list.
  • Bugfix: Refresh button not dropping missing files correctly
  • Bugfix: Undesirable behaviour fixed when using # and [ in Select by Text Pattern

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.0.5

  • - New context menu for path tree
  • -'About' dialog now doesn't pop-up by default for new installs
  • -Search Criteria page can now scroll to allow for small displays
  • -Bugfix: Show large size folders int overflow issue in duplicate folder view
  • -Bugfix: 'Root' search folders now compared in duplicate folder view
  • -Bugfix: Image viewer: Image size in main picture doesn't update
  • -Bugfix: Min/Max file sizes - was ignoring values after comma
  • -Bugfix: Correct control scaling when using windows in large font mode
  • -Bugfix: Path tree node icons
  • -Bugfix: Incorrectly protecting paths like 'C:\Program Files (copy)'

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.0.4

  • -Minor bugfixes
  • -French Language
  • -German Language

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.0.3

  • -Bugfix: Audio tag comparison issue

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.0.2

  • -Bugfix: int32 overflow when building duplicate tree
  • -Bugfix: Buy Now link goes to old page
  • -Bugfix: Image Browser: images get jumbled when changing to new group while still drawing.

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.0.1

  • -Bugfix: No Zero size kb count after deletion

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v3.0.0

  • -First release of Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Duplicate Cleaner Free (Earlier Releases pre 3.1.4)

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Free Version 3.0.1

  • -New 3.0 manual added, with contextual help buttons.
  • -All file removal/change operations are now logged in the log file (when enabled)
  • -Option to limit number of Duplicate files found in a scan
  • -Thumbnails can be turned off in image viewer
  • -New keyboard Shortcuts added.
  • -Select by Location: Copy selected path button added
  • -Bugfix: Incorrect filetimes returned in list with some files.
  • -Bugfix: Image viewer refresh + speed
  • -Bugfix: Localization fix
  • -Bugfix: File deletion memory/performance adjustments
  • -Bugfix: Other minor fixes.

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Free Version 3.0.0

  • New interface
  • Engine updates
  • Update checker
  • Updated selection assistant

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Free Version 2.1.0

  • Support for six more languages added
  • List Marked count bugfix
  • Will now run in Windows 2000, though audio-tag reading is disabled.
  • Error loading column widths fixed.
  • When Moving/Copying file it will rename upon collision rather than overwriting.
  • Fixed missing localisation 'Include/Exclude'
  • Engine update - Faster scanning of large datasets
  • Fixed 'Overflow' issue during scanning of large datasets.

Updates in Version 2.0.6

  • Delete operations fixes (Will remove read-only, etc)
  • Removal operations multi-threading
  • Folder browser list now sorted alphabetically
  • Other Bugfixes.
  • Japanese language added

Updates in Version 2.0.5

  • Updated GUI multi-threading
  • Localisation fixes
  • Improved Date Modified/Created matching (ignores milliseconds)
  • Pop-up error log for file removal processes
  • Various Bugfixes
  • 8 new Languages added

Updates in Version 2.0.4  (First public release of 2.0.x series)

  • Fully Unicode Compatible
  • Exclude from search by pattern
  • Move or Copy duplicate files
  • Rename duplicate files
  • Save document search types
  • Match by Date Created/Modified
  • Byte-by-Byte / SHA1 / MD5 hashing options
  • Search between dates modifed or created
  • Fuzzy matching on Filenames and Audio tags
  • Read image tags
  • Don’t follow Junctions/Mountpoints option
  • Automatic row re-colouring on sort
  • Edit list row colours/font
  • New folder picker
  • New Right click marking/unmarking options
  • Drop selected /marked files from list
  • Enhanced Import and Export (now includes marked state of row)
  • Export selected rows or all rows
  • Select by pattern on any column, with regular expression support
  • Updated Selection assistant
  • Selection assistant can be limited to selected range
  • Select by Dates Created/Modified
  • Quick Column Views - show/hide columns in pre-set combinations
  • Portable settings file (no registry)

Updates in Version 1.4.7

  • Will not follow NTFS reparse points (Junctions and Mountpoints)
  • Listview fill optimization
  • Removed non-localized tooltips
  • API filenames tweaks
  • Turkish Language support +1 other.

Updates in Version 1.4.6

  • Installer Update

Updates in Version 1.4.5

  • Fixed bug in CSV Import/Export
  • Updated File type list
  • Updated Splash
  • Arabic language support added.

Updates in Version 1.4.4

  • Fixed bug in column sorting (hard links, song length, bit rate)
  • Fixed bug in selection tool (select by bit rate)
  • Updated file drag icon.

Updates in Version 1.4.3

  • 'Duplicate content detection now uses more accurate MD5 Hashing by default.
  • Now supports M4A and M4P audio files (Apple iTunes/iPod)
  • Delete/Move/Hardlink Progress Bar
  • Delete/Move/Hardlink suppress system error pop-ups
  • Progress barwhen populating duplicate list
  • Automatically Resizing Search path panes
  • Added Select path button (was removed in 1.2)
  • Now supports PNG, PCX and TGA image files in preview window
  • Image preview window is cleared upon clicking on non-image file
  • Look and feel adjustments, new icons
  • Fixed bug that caused text to be blank if current language file moved/missing
  • No longer uses ActiveX AudioGenie, uses a faster DLL version.
  • Fixed filename overwrite bug
  • Fixed group warning messagebox overflow
  • Already deleted files are removed from list during delete operation, and no error is generated.
  • CTRL-A to select all rows on duplicate list
  • F5 will refresh the duplicate list and remove any moved/deleted or orphaned files from the list.
  • Column re-order allowed on duplicate list
  • Protects 32-bit (x86) Program Files folder on 64-bit system
  • Image preview button toggles show/hide image preview window
  • Scanning window stays hidden until ready to go.
  • Select folder button localized tooltip
  • Cancel during duplicate scan will display files matched so far
  • Italian language support added.

Updates in Version 1.3.2

  • 'Check for Updates' Link updated.

Updates in Version 1.3.1

  • Language defaults to English on first run.

Updates in Version 1.3

  • Localized language support
  • XP control Styles.
  • Updated folder tree type interface
  • Drag/drop folders from explorer
  • Display/Ignore hardlinked files
  • Unhardlink files
  • Export all files to CSV
  • Rename files
  • Invert Selection
  • Select by master folder
  • Date sort bug fixed
  • Protect DLL/EXE files
  • Remove empty folders
  • Hide orphaned groups
  • Two colour scheme in dupe list
  • Remember column widths in dupe list
  • Confirm on exit

Updates in Version 1.2

  • Image Preview Window for JPG/BMP/GIF/ICO pictures
  • Move duplicate files to new folder
  • Create Hard Links to duplicate files
  • Select multiple items in list
  • Import CSV files
  • Minor bug fixes

Updates in Version 1.1

  • CRC Scanning optimized improved memory footprint
  • Multiple folder scans
  • Multiple speed optimizations can run up to 10 times faster.
  • Specify file size range
  • Faster support for more music formats & improved music search.
  • Tabbed interface

Version 1.0

  • Initial release