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Duplicate Cleaner Features Version
Category Feature Additional information Pro v5 Pro v4 Free

Main features

Find & remove duplicate files Four scan modes available - Regular, Image, Audio & Video. x x x
Find & remove duplicate folders Find complete duplicated folder structures x x
Find unique (non-duplicate)/remaining files Useful in drive/folder comparison scenarios x x
Quick-start wizards Handy for getting a quick start with a range of scanning scenarios x
Themes Clean new GUI with user-changable themes (including dark mode) x
Load and Save scans Load and save complete scan sets or just the settings for later. x
Virtual folders Create your own offline 'virtual folders' to scan against - no need for the original drive/network share to be present. x
Toolkit Useful standalone tools including empty folder removal and file hashing. x
Scan your portable devices Duplicate Cleaner can now read portable media devices such as smartphones and mp3 players. x

Regular Mode

Find files with the Same Content Match any file type by a content hash (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256) or byte-to-byte checking. Version 5 contains new hashes such as xxHash and Blake2b x x x
Find files with Similar Content x x
Find file by comparing other attributes, ignoring content See 'Other Match Criteria'. x x x

Image Mode

Match similar images x x
Match exact images (Ignoring metadata) x x
Match rotated or flipped images x x
Match by Image tags Includes date taken, Unique ID, User comment & more. x x
Match similar Image tags x
Select image metadata to display in results Customize your results list. x
Match by camera date/time taken With a user definable tolerance in seconds. x
Match by geographical distance between images x x
All popular image formats supported .bmp .gif .jpg/.jpeg/.jpe .heic .ico .png .emf .dib .tif/.tiff .webp x
Camera RAW Image formats supported .raw, .cr2, .nef, .dng, .arw, .crw, .kdc, .mos, .srw, .orf, .raf, .rw2, .x3f, .3fr, .mrw, .dcr, .erf, .mef, .pef, .sr2 x x

Audio Mode

Match by similar sounding audio Match by first 15 seconds (quick), two minutes or whole track. x x
Match by exact audio data (ignoring tags) x x
Match by song duration (with tolerance) x
Match by audio tags Artist, Title, Album, TrackNo,TrackCount, DiscNo, DiscCount, Year, Genre, Comment, BitRate, SampleRate, Channels, MusicBrainzArtistID, MusicBrainzReleaseID,MusicBrainzTrackID, AmazonID (ASIN), AcoustID x x
Select audio metadata tags to display in results Customize your results list. x
Most popular audio formats supported .mp3 .ogg .wav .wma .flac .m4a .m4p .aac x x

Video Mode

Match by similar video frames Match by the similarity of series of video frames from throughout the video. x
Match by video thumbnail Match by a thumbnail taken from the start of the video. x
Match by similar sounding audio soundtrack Match by first 15 seconds (quick), first two minutes or whole soundtrack. x
Match by exact audio data, video data or both (ignoring metadata) x
Match by video duration (with tolerance) x
Match by video metadata tags Title, Recorded date, Director,Performer, Genre, Episode, Format, Rotation, Has Audio, Has Cover Art x
Most popular video formats supported mov, avi, mp4, mpg, wmv, flv, 3pg, asf, 3g2, webm, mkv, vob, m4v, mts, sec x

Other Match Criteria

Match any combination of the below in addition to Regular, Image or Audio mode.
Same file name x x x
Similar file name x x
Same file extension x x x
Match copied file names x x
Same file size An additional file size tolerance can be specified x x x
Same created date/time An additional date/time tolerance can be specified x x x
Same modified date/time An additional date/time tolerance can be specified x x x
Same drive x
Same folder name Folder name match depth can be specified x x
Same folder name (relative to search base) x
Ignore duplicate groups within same folder Duplicates can be EXCLUDED from the final list where ALL the duplicates in that group are in the same folder. x x

Other scanning features

Scan inside Zip files. x x
Scan inside other archive formats rar, gz, tar, bz2, tgz, 7z, tar, jar x
Ignore zero size files x x
Count hard-links to file x x
Specify folders to ignore x x x
Specify folders to protect x x x
Search for duplicates that match a master folder/drive x x
Search for duplicates that must match other folders/drives only x x
Search for duplicates that must match within this folder only x

File removal

Delete files. Recycle bin optional x x x
Move or Copy files x x
Rename files x x
Create shorcuts to file x
Create symbolic links to file aka Soft links or symlinks x
Hard-link files x x
Create batch files Export a batch file based on your marked list with customizable code x
Automatic empty folder removal x x

Search filters

Limit search to certain file types. x x
Limit search within a file size range x x
Limit search to a date range x x
Limit search to image/movie dimensions Image/Video modes x
Built-in search filter library - add your own. x x

Duplicate browsing & selecting

Browse duplicates by detail list x x x
Browse duplicates by thumbnail view Supported thumbnails include all image formats and audio artwork x x
Group, filter and sort files x x
Search within list x x
Create filter from text search x
Selection Assistant for help marking duplicate groups See manual for full list of Selection Assistant functions x x
Selection Assistant for duplicate folders x x
Built-in image preview tool for visual comparison of images x x
Video preview x
Built-in audio player for previewing files x x

Safety features

Don't scan system files/folders. x x x
Skip hidden folders x
Don't follow NTFS mountpoints & junctions x x x
Skip hard-linked files x x x
Check if all duplicates in group marked for removal x x x
Flag folders to protect before starting x x x


Launch scans using command line parameters. x x
Export CSV file of duplicate files/folders x x

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