Duplicate Cleaner

Full feature list

Headline features

Find & remove duplicate filesThree scan modes available - Regular, Image & Audio.
Find & remove duplicate foldersFind complete duplicated folder structures
Find unique (non-duplicate) filesUseful in drive/folder comparison scenarios

Regular Mode

Find files with the Same ContentMatch any file type by a content hash (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256) or byte-to-byte checking.
Find files with Similar Content
Find file by comparing other attributes, ignoring contentSee 'Other Match Criteria'.

Image Mode

Match similar images
Match exact images (Ignoring metadata)
Match rotated or flipped images
Match by Image tagsIncludes date taken, Unique ID, User comment & more.
Match by geographical distance between images
All popular image formats supported .bmp .gif .jpg/.jpeg/.jpe .ico .png .emf .dib .tif/.tiff
Camera RAW Image formats supported .raw, .cr2, .nef, .dng, .arw, .crw, .kdc, .mos, .srw, .orf, .raf, .rw2, .x3f, .3fr, .mrw, .dcr, .erf, .mef, .pef, .sr2

Audio Mode

Match by similar sounding audioMatch by first 15 seconds (quick), two minutes or whole track.
Match by exact audio data (ignoring tags)
Match by song tags onlyThe same or similar Artist, Title or Album
Match by other tagsTrackNo,TrackCount, DiscNo, DiscCount, Year, Length, Genre, Comment, BitRate, SampleRate, MusicBrainzArtistID, MusicBrainzReleaseID,MusicBrainzTrackID, AmazonID (ASIN), AcoustID
Match by custom combination of the above
Most popular audio formats supported.mp3 .ogg .wav .wma .ape .flac .m4a .m4p .aac

Other Match Criteria

Match any combination of the below in addition to Regular, Image or Audio mode.
Same / Similar file name
Same file extension
Same file sizeAn additional file size tolerance can be specified
Same created date/timeAn additional date/time tolerance can be specified
Same modified date/timeAn additional date/time tolerance can be specified
Same folder nameFolder name match depth can be specified
Ignore duplicate groups within same folderDuplicates can be EXCLUDED from the final list where ALL the duplicates in that group are in the same folder.

Other scanning features

Scan inside Zip files.
Ignore zero size files
Count hard-links to file
Specify folders to ignore
Specify folders to protect
Search for duplicates that match a master folder/drive
Search for duplicates that must match other folders/drives

File removal

Delete files.Recycle bin optional
Move or Copy files
Rename files
Hard-link files
Automatic empty folder removal

Search filters

Limit search to certain file types.
Limit search within a file size range
Limit search to a date range
Built-in search filter library - add your own.

Duplicate browsing & selecting

Browse duplicates by detail list
Browse duplicates by thumbnail viewSupported thumbnails include all image formats and audio artwork
Group, filter and sort files
Selection Assistant for help marking duplicate groupsSee manual for full list of Selection Assistant functions
Selection Assistant for duplicate folders
Built-in image preview tool for visual comparison of images
Built-in audio player for previewing files

Safety features

Don't scan system files/folders.
Don't follow NTFS mountpoints & junctions
Skip hard-linked files
Check if all duplicates in group marked for removal
Flag folders to protect before starting


Launch scans using command line parameters.
Load and save scan profiles for different scenarios

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