Duplicate Cleaner


Home screen

Duplicate Cleaner home screen

Home screen.
Criteria screen

Setting the search criteria and file filters

Setting up a Regular Mode scan.
Criteria screen (Image mode)

Setting the search criteria

Preparing for an Image Mode scan
Scan location

Setting the scan locations

Telling Duplicate Cleaner where to look for Duplicate Files.
Scan location


A duplicate scan in progress.
Duplicate list thumbnail view

Duplicate files list (Thumbnail view)

The results list, shown as image thumbnails.
Duplicate list

Duplicate files list

Scan results, with duplicate files shown in groups.
Duplicate list context menu

Duplicate files list showing context menu

You can access many advanced functions from the context menu (right-clicking on a file in the list)
Image preview window

Previewing duplicate images within Duplicate Cleaner

A handy image comparison window - it can also display camera tags.
Duplicate folders list

Duplicate folders tree

This tab shows groups containing entire duplicated folder structures.
Unique files list

Unique files list

List showing non-duplicate files found within specified folders.
File removal window

File removal window

All the options for removing duplicate files.