Duplicate Cleaner

Power up with Duplicate Cleaner Pro

12 Reasons to upgrade to Pro: (Get all these extra features and more)

  • Find resized, rotated, flipped or edited images and photos. Compare side by side with the image viewer.
  • Match images by tags or geographical distance.
  • Match duplicate audio by tags or content
  • Scan and delete inside zip files. Flexible folder and zip scanning options.
  • Locate duplicated folder structures and easily browse and remove them.
  • Save your frequently used searches as Duplicate Cleaner Profiles.
  • Powerfully shape your search - set Master folders: only files which duplicate the ones in the Master will be listed
  • Search out unique/non-duplicate files.
  • Move, copy, rename duplicate files or turn them into Hard Links.
  • Ultra reliable SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 file hashing, as well as byte scanning.
  • Launch and scan via the command line or a batch file.
  • Filter the results by group markings, file types, paths and more.
  • Many extra functions to make working with your duplicate files easier.
  • Use Duplicate Cleaner in a commercial environment.