Duplicate Cleaner 5 Manual.

Duplicate files context menu

This context menu is shown by right-clicking on a file in the Duplicate files tab.

Open file

Click this to run or view the selected file, depending on type.  This is the equivalent of double-clicking on a file name in Windows Explorer.

Image preview

Brings up the Image Preview window, which displays the currently selected image/video file and group members as thumbnails.

Delete file

Directly deletes the currently selected file on the drive.
Note: This option is unavailable unless enabled in the settings.

Mark Submenu

The Mark submenu.  These are actions for automatically marking files. 
From here you can:
You can also perform more advanced marking. See location marking for more detail.
If the list is filtered, these actions will only apply to the filtered files.

Unmark Submenu

The Unmark submenu commands work in a similar way to the Mark submenu commands, but will unmark the files instead.

Unmark All

Removes all the marks on the files. If the list is filtered, these actions will only apply to the filtered files.

Invert marked files

Inverts (reverses) the marks. (i.e. marked files are unmarked, unmarked files are marked). If the list is filtered, these actions will only apply to the filtered files.

Protect folder tree

Flags the currently selected folder tree for protection.  This will unmark and protect all files within.  They won't be able to be marked until the folder is unprotected.

Unprotect folder tree

Unprotects the currently selected folder tree.  You'll be able to mark the files again.

Parent folder actions

Displays the parent folders submenu.  Here you can select a folder lower down the tree from the current selection and perform an action on it. 
Marking actions are available as in the Marking submenu above.  You can also filter on the selected folder tree, drop the folder tree from the list, or protect/unprotect the folder tree.


Here you can filter the duplicate file list according to the currently selected file/path/group.  Filters can be removed by clicking here again, or by the button above the list.
You can also filter by:
See the Filtering topic for more information.

Drop selected From List

Removes the selected (highlighted) files from the list (note this does not delete anything).

Drop marked From List

Removes the marked (checkmarked) files from the list (note this does not delete anything from your drive).

Drop folder tree from list

Removes all files in the selected folder tree from the list.

Copy folder/file name(s) to clipboard

Copies the currently selected folder and file name(s) to the clipboard.  Note this copies the text, not the actual files.

Show folder in Windows Explorer

Brings up a Windows Explorer window with the currently selected folder and file in it.

Send to hash tool

Sends the currently selected file to the Hash tool (in the Tools tab).  This will calculate the hash of the file.

Rename file

Allows you to rename the currently selected file.

Un-Hardlink file

If the currently selected file is hard-linked, this recreates it as a standalone file.

Refresh list

Refreshes the duplicate file list.  This will remove any missing file (e.g. deleted outside Duplicate Cleaner), and will collapse orphan groups (if the option is enabled).
Note: This does not rescan for new duplicates.

Show properties

Brings up the Windows property sheet for the selected file.