Duplicate Cleaner 5 Manual.

Filtering the lists


Filtering overview

Duplicate Cleaner has several powerful filtering methods for the Duplicate files list.  This allows you to focus on a smaller group of files.  Operations such as as the Selection assistant will also work on filtered lists allowing you to break down tasks.
There are several ways to filter - the Filter menu above the duplicate list, the right-click context menu or from the 'Find in list' tool.

The filter menu

The drop down filter menu is above the Duplicate files list. Click on the button to see the list of filters along with any active ones listed.  Multiple filters can be used together.
The amount of filters used is displayed on the menu button.  The amount of files filtered is shown on the refresh button next to it.
You can remove all current filters with the 'Clear filters' button.
Marked files filters (only one can be active at a time)
Group size filters
File size filter
Preset filter
Other filter settings and commands

Context menu filtering

By right-clicking on a file you get the Duplicate files context menu. This has several filtering options related to the currently selected file or folder:

Search filtering

You can filter from the Find in list tool.  Type a phrase into the search box (you can also select a column) and click the 'Use as filter' button. This is often handy used in combination with the 'Show all files in filtered groups' setting above.
Click on the 'Remove filter' button to remove the current search filter (this won't clear the other filters).