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Duplicate Cleaner has the ability to be easily adapted to display other languages. Version 3 is currently localised to the following:

Language Author
English DV
Deutsch Tillmann Braun
French Fred G
Dutch Fred van Waard
Italian Massimo Castile
Brazil-Portuguese Salviano Lucena
Turkish Mesut Akcan
Simplified Chinese 简体中文 荒野无灯 以及 Tianhao Wu
臺灣中文 Taiwanese Chinese MPVVXO
Español LF
Polski Mateusz Kurlit - transgent
Armenian Hrant Ohanyan (haysoft.org)
Russian Igor Pavlov
Latvian Yuri Petrashko
Japanese 日本語 Maukameadows.net
Arabic MFM Dawdeh

For more information on creating a translation for Duplicate Cleaner, see the following manual page: Creating your own translation.