Duplicate Cleaner 5 Manual.
  • Remaining / unique files tab

Remaining / unique files tab



The Remaining files tab contains a list of unique/remaining files found in the scan. To be listed here, a file needs to be within a folder tree flagged with "Find remaining" in the Scan location tab.  It also needs to have been a file that was included in the scan - any files filtered out by the search filters on the Search criteria tab will not be shown.
It's possible for this list to contain duplicate files. If the 'Find duplicates' setting for a starting folder (on the Scan location tab) is flagged as 'No' or 'External only' then any unmatched files in that folder will be classed as remaining and shown here.
As with the duplicate files list, you can mark files for deletion.  Be careful though, as depending on your scanning criteria and location these could be the only copies of a file you have.
To mark a file click on the checkbox. You can also double click on a file to open it in it's native application for further investigation. A right-click pop-up menu is available from the list, with many more options.
The viewing, filtering, searching and marking on this list work in the same way as the functions on the Duplicate files tab - though there may be less options due to the fact that there is no duplicate grouping in this list.