Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5.17 released

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Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5.17 released

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Updates in Duplicate Cleaner Pro v5.17 - 21st Sept 2022

Improvement: Duplicate folder list paging, search and filtering
Improvement: Thumbnail mode now supports multi-selection
Improvement: Windows Shortcuts now log an error on long path
Improvement: JFIF support added to image mode
Fix: Export duplicates to csv/batch fails (exported 0 files) if duplicate tab not loaded
Fix: List searching and marking doesn't work as expected on metadata groups containing null data.
Fix: Previously saved scans not loading
Fix: Long path support for reading/creating hardlinks
Fix: Errors caused by multiple program instances. Now enforced single session unless using custom data location set via the commandline (see manual).
Fix: Direct delete (Del key) not triggering refresh in Unique files list
Fix: No results when certain combinations of tolerances used.
UI: Misc UI improvements
UI: DataGrid changed, grouping view removed.

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