Board Administrators? Privacy Policy...

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Board Administrators? Privacy Policy...

Post by B00ze »

Good day.

Anyone know the magic trick to sending a message to the forum admins? I see no link nowhere to get there, and when I click "The Team" I am told I do not have permissions to view the members list (which is not what I'm looking for anyway).

My problem has to do with the privacy policy; will we have to accept this every time we come here? In my account profile, it says "Policy acceptance date: Policy has not been accepted" even tho I have accepted it. This is understandable I guess, since I had to accept it BEFORE I could even log in, so unless I enable permanent cookies I guess I WILL have to accept the policy each time I come here. This is kinda annoying; couldn't we log in first, and then accept or reject the policy?

Thank you.
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Re: Board Administrators? Privacy Policy...

Post by DigitalVolcano »

We are using a privacy policy/cookie permission utility on the forum that is still in beta. I've just updated to the latest version and tweaked a few things - hopefully it should fix the issue.

Thanks for your patience!
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