Duplicate using regex in 1 folder only

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Duplicate using regex in 1 folder only

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Maybe it is simple, I don't know.

Within 1 folder I have (many) identical files named like
ddmmyyyy hhmss.jpg and

there are also many other duplicates elsewhere, also with yyyymmdd_hhmmss.jpg.
However, I donot want to touch those yet: need to do some reorganizing first.

using regex 202[0123](\d{4})_(\d{6})\.JPG
i match the 2nd entry (the one with the underscore) within the same folder.

Q: how to select files (matching this regex) and -limit- to 1 folder only?

so: regex 202[0123](\d{4})_(\d{6})\.JPG
in: X:\MyPhotos\Folder\SubFolder

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