Future Development of MDB Merge

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Johan Cronje

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Sorry DV, my email address is:
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Post by joel.r1 »

Hi DV,
Would it still be possible to get a copy of the Source Code ?
I am willing to make some modification for personnal usage.
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Howard Brooks

Post by Howard Brooks »

I am interested in taking Simple MDB Merge and building on the source code or developing it further as follows;

I will program it so that multiple tables can be selected for merging at same time. I will program it so that all data in like fields will import from one database to another. I will program it so that when a new import is conducted, only data entered from the date of the last import is moved from one database to another.

I will make the improvement available at no cost to anyone who wants it.

I need this for use with my existing access software as follows:

My software is installed on a user's office computer and also on a laptop that the use carries in the field. I want the user to be able to enter data in the field on the laptop, and later merge the data into the database that is located on the office computer. All fields and tables in both databases are exactly the same. Only the rcords entered in the field are different.

The only database that is used on a daily basis for operations is the database on the office computer...the laptop is only used to enter some new data in the field so that the data in the office computer can be updated without disturbing other data on the office computer.

Howard Brooks
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Post by DV »

Hi Howard,
The updated and unlocked version (0.6) of MDB merge is available from this thread
http://www.digitalvolcano.co.uk/forum/v ... 5&topic=11
Good luck with your updates, I'd be happy to host a copy here if you want to make it available for others to use.

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Steve Mann

Post by Steve Mann »

Hi DV,

Assuming this thread is still active. I'd like to offer to upgrade the code and provide this back to you. I need to bring in several hundred separate MDB files and create a new column in the merged table which would contain the name of the input file from which each record came. In my case the name of the file corresponds to a batch number.

I'd be very happy to provide the update code back to you for your distribution.

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Post by Lion »

I'd like to update it for my use . My email address is 562021820@qq.com
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Re: Future Development of MDB Merge

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See here for unlocked version:
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