What the best language for the three file categories?

The best solution for finding and removing duplicate files.
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What the best language for the three file categories?

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I have always found it strange when de-dupe programs report the number of duplicates as all of the files that have duplicates, so if I have 2 copies of the same file, they call that 2 duplicates, but to me it's 1 source and 1 duplicate. (However, the former seems to be the norm. I don't know if there's a consistent language.)

For 18 files: 4 files with 4 copies each plus 2 single files.

When Duplicate Cleaner Pro reports the results graph, it uses the language:

Legend 1: (Current)
(red) Files with duplicates: 12
(green) Duplicates only: 4
(blue) Remaining files: 2

Does this language above make sense to you or is there better language?
How about this language? Is it any clearer, more intuitive?

Legend 2:
(red) Duplicate copies: 12
(green) Duplicate source files: 4
(blue) Single files: 2

(optional language, but not in the chart: unique files: 6)

For example, if you were reviewing your bookshelf for duplicates to give away and found that you had four copies of War and Peace, I think that it would be most natural to say that you have three duplicates to give away. Not that you have four duplicates, one duplicate to keep and three duplicates to give away.

I think that the below order, color and language makes the most sense:

Legend 3:
(green) Single files
(blue) Duplicate source files
(red) Duplicate copies

(Single files: green and top because this is the goal)
(Duplicate copies: red and bottom because we're trying to remove duplicates)
How do you use the language? What should the chart labels be?
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