Duplicate Cleaner 5.0.13 released

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Duplicate Cleaner 5.0.13 released

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Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v5.0.13 - 10th Sep 2021

Image search - custom similarity setting
Import CSV (with optional user added columns)
Desktop added in folder tree
Added-"drop folder tree" in Parent menu
Added-"protect/unprotect" in Parent menu
Smooth scrolling and updating added as option (on by default)
Save scan - show last loaded name in save box
Filter to selected rows
Filter by protected files
Fix-Checkbox doubleclick opens files
Fix-Recalculate group shading when filtered
Fix-Selection highlight colour changes depending on group background colour
Fix-Image preview - keyboard F4 to close
Fix-Text matching SelAsst operations fail on Numeric columns
Fix-Re-filtering in tile mode doesnt work
Installer DotNet framework >=4.7.2 check
Hungarian and Slovak translations updated.
Manual updated

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