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Duplicate Cleaner 4.0.4 Pro released

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:04 pm
by DigitalVolcano
Happy new year!

Updates in Duplicate Cleaner v4.0.4 - 4th Jan 2017
  • Image mode - 100% Exact pixels comparison mode added
    Image Preview - various improvements including selectable thumbnail size/ratio
    Overwrite/Rename option for Move/Copy function
    Improved 'Find in list' functionality : selectable search columns
    Improved layout for High-DPI/Large font/4K displays
    Improved group ordering
    Refresh list (check files) operation now background threaded
    Bugfix - Database not found when using network UNC based profile location
    Bufgix - Hard linking on read-only files leaves temp files
    Bufgix - slow down when cycling through files with Image Preview window open
    Bugfix - Removed group-related filters on unique tab
    Bugfix - List position changes when marking and current position >50000
    Other bugfixes
Download here: