MDB merge change/delete multiple passwords+selecting fields

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MDB merge change/delete multiple passwords+selecting fields

Post by Carlo »

It would be nice to see an option in Simple MDB Merge for changing or deleting multiple passwords. If you have to handle 400 tables it's a lot of work! An other nice feature would be to select a part of the fields. In my case I have to merge 400 tables, but only the first 13 fields are identical, so the rest must be skipped.

There were a lot of promises made here in this forum to update MDB merge and to provide the update code back to here, but nobody did this in the last few years. And yes, I tried to send a couple of emails to these forum members for several times without any response!

carloagos [a.t.]
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Re: MDB merge change/delete multiple passwords+selecting fie

Post by DigitalVolcano »

Yes, nobody sent me any updated version either.
It's not being actively developed by us, but the last version (unlocked, so it is modifiable) is here: ...
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Re: MDB merge change/delete multiple passwords+selecting fie

Post by Carlo »

This is very sad to hear this. I sent to 3 forum members a request for an update! They all promised to provide the code back to here!
Unfortunately I have no knowledge of VBA, so I can not change the code.


I sent the following email to these forum members:

I found your reply of "Future Development of MDB Merge” of Digital Volcano, [date, year] in a support forum.

I would be glad to receive your updated version of above mentioned program.

From time to time, I have to merge 400 MDB’s with each 5 tabels. (4 tabels are fully identical, for 1 table ONLY the first 13 fields.)
My problem is, to delete all 400 passwords. In MDB Merge of Digital Volcano this program is asking for each table 5 x 400 = 2000 passwords!
It would be nice that there is an option to remove all passwords or recall the (identical) password. Password in my case is always: [the same password]
Another welcome option is to merge only a specific number of fields. In my case, I have to merge for one MDB ONLY the first 13 fields.
In the case all 400 passwords are removed, it’s also possible to Import Multiple Tables from Access to Excel
In the past there was a program to remove/change multiple passwords (Change Password in Multiple Access Databases 1.0), but this program
doesn't exist anymore. ... 55980.html
The program is still to see on the internet, but can’t be downloaded anymore. (I tried all links and the website of the programmer is down.)
There are plenty program tools to remove/change only one password, but never multiple passwords. (I tried them all.)

Perhaps all this information/suggestions might be helpful to you to improve MDB Merge of Digital Volcano.

Best regards,

carloagos [a.t.]

P.S. unfortunately I have no knowledge of VBA, so I don’t know how to integrate it in MDB Merge of Digital Volcano.

I found some VBA code to clear Access passwords on internet:

Clear Access 97 password


I forgot the database password of my Access 97's database. How can I clear it?

Use this code:

Private Const cintAcc97PwdOffset As Integer = &H43

Public Sub smsAcc97PwdClear(ByVal vstrMdbPath As String)
' Purpose: Clear MS Access 97 database level password even on encripted mdb
' Written by: Shamil Salakhetdinov
' e-mail:
' Parameters:
' vstrMdbPath - full path for MS Access 97 database
' ==========
' You can use this sub on your own risk only - Neither the author
' nor any redistributors assumes any liability for any alleged or actual
' damages arising from the use of this sub.
' Don't forget to make backup copy of your mdb before you use this sub!
' Happy hacking...
' Note:
' This sub shows that MS Access 97's database level password isn't enough
' to secure your mdb.
On Error GoTo smsAcc97PwdClear_Err

Dim intFn As Integer
Dim strClearPwd As String

strClearPwd = Chr(&H86) & Chr(&HFB) & Chr(&HEC) & Chr(&H37) & _
Chr(&H5D) & Chr(&H44) & Chr(&H9C) & Chr(&HFA) & _
Chr(&HC6) & Chr(&H5E) & Chr(&H28) & Chr(&HE6) & _
Chr(&H13) ' trailing baker's dozen ;-)

intFn = FreeFile
Open vstrMdbPath For Binary Access Write As #intFn
Put #intFn, cintAcc97PwdOffset, strClearPwd
Close intFn

Exit Sub
MsgBox "smsAcc97PwdClear: Err = " & Err & " - " & Err.Description
Resume smsAcc97PwdClear_Exit
End Sub
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