Bug report: Fields stay selected after ALT-TAB

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Bug report: Fields stay selected after ALT-TAB

Post by Xymox » Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:56 am

I just installed (I was working on 2.2) and I have seen differences which are annoying.

When TextCrawler starts, the filter, exclude and start location fields are all selected (blue background).
So I have to click twice to change the field contents. Only then the field is "normal".

When I ALT-TAB to another location and back to TextCrawler, the fields are all selected again. So again needs to click twice.

This was not the case in v2.2. The new selection fields are annoying to work with.
When I start an external application (in this case the development environment editor) to view the found files (double click on a file) the started application does not have the focus.
So I have to click again on the external application to activate it.
This was also not the case in the previous version.

Windows 7 64Bit

(version 2.2 did work like expected on the same system, so these issues are not due to Windows OS)
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