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Suggestion for Hash Tool

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:27 pm
by cska133

I would like to make one suggestion for next versions of the Hash tool. Is it possible that the hashes get automaticly (or by button) updated while switching between them (for ex. from SHA1 to MD5 and so on). By now, when I view the MD5 of one file I have to load this file again if I want to get other hashes.
SO my suggestion/question is : I load one file and get MD5, then I choose from the drop-down menu other hashes I need. Here are 2 alternatives possible: (1) the new hashes are displayed automaticly (auto hashes update) OR (2) they get updated when I click on a update button (button update)?

Is this possible?
I hope you understand my poor English