I wish to remove extension-free files from every folder group

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I wish to remove extension-free files from every folder group

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How to make vietnamese egg coffee

When I return to Canada after so many years of traveling for food, I try to recreate dishes that I enjoyed and had abroad using fresh recipes.
My family is normally excited to try new things, but when I brought home a recipe in 2013—Vietnamese egg coffee, or cà phê trứng—that I had tried in Hanoi, they were hesitant.

What is coffee with eggs from Vietnam?
Another term for Vietnamese egg coffee is cà phê trúng. It comes from Hanoi's Cà Phê Giảng. According to the founder of the cafe, his father created the beverage in the late 1940s in response to a lack of milk in Vietnam. The beverage gained popularity fast and is now widely available throughout Vietnam.

What Is The Appearance And Taste Of Vietnamese Egg Coffee?
The end product is a strong coffee that is distinguished by the thick, creamy layer of egg that forms on top. We've tasted and seen Vietnamese egg coffee, and it looks and tastes amazing.
Vietnamese egg coffee shares characteristics with cappuccinos or coffees with a foam layer on top. It is, nevertheless, much thicker than a regular cappuccino. The condensed milk and sugar mixture adds even more sweetness to it.
The robust, bitter Vietnamese Robusta coffee perfectly complements the smoothness of the egg and milk. “You won't soon forget the aroma and mouthfeel—in a good way—after giving it a try!” - Mark Wahlberg - a talented author from


A treat is vietnamese coffee
To create Vietnamese egg coffee, or ca phe trung, beat one egg yolk for around ten minutes with sweetened condensed milk until a light, creamy, fluff-like meringue is formed. Have you started to drool?
After that, a slow stream of this eggy delight is added to either iced coffee or hot espresso. So far, are you with me?
Hence, she arranged for us to go on a street food trip conducted by her friend Thanh, who runs a tour company named Maia Travel when my family and I visited my daughter in Vietnam over Christmas. My daughter is now a member of the team, and I assist her with tours. Here are the team and Thanh.
Rich and velvety, but not excessively sweet, was the egg cream on the coffee. The creamy, sweet froth on top nicely counterbalanced the strong Vietnamese espresso underneath, which was strong enough to color my hair AND keep me up for days.
Indeed, this coffee is meant for dessert. So, how did this beautiful delight come to be? The story was recounted to
us by Thanh, a friend of my daughter's who guided us on our street food tour:

Vietnamese Egg Coffee Ingredients
  • One egg
  • Three teaspoons of powdered Vietnamese coffee (you can get Vietnamese coffee on Amazon here)
  • Sweetened condensed milk, two tsp.
  • Water that is boiling
Pour a little Vietnamese coffee into a cup. (Amazon has Vietnamese coffee filters available here. Additionally, a good collection of pictures that walk through the brewing process step-by-step are available here.)
Break open an egg and extract the yolk and whites separately. Throw away the whites.
In a small, deep bowl, combine the yolk with the sweetened condensed milk. Beat rapidly until you have a frothy, fluffy mixture similar to the one above.

Whisk in one tablespoon of the brewed coffee.
Pour the coffee that was brewed into a clear coffee cup (aesthetics first, of course), and top with the fluffy egg mixture.
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You'll adore this coffee with eggs
If you're anything like me, then you're not a fan of plain black coffee. You want a coffee beverage that tastes good AND gives you energy.
This strong cup of coffee tastes great, especially when topped with fluffy, sweet, whipped egg yolks mixed with condensed milk.
The strong Vietnamese coffee wonderfully balances the airy, sweet cream to create a drink that is neither overly sweet nor overly strong. Vietnamese egg coffee is not just a beverage but also a dessert.
This drink is sure to please anyone who enjoys trying out different cafe alternatives, such as tiramisu, Dalgona coffee, or Starbucks frappuccinos!

Is it safe to drink vietnamese egg coffee?
Yes, when prepared correctly, it is safe to drink. There is little to no risk of foodborne disease if you use fresh, clean eggs and prepare the mixture carefully, but the inclusion of raw egg yolks in the whipped mixture may raise some worries about food safety.
Use fresh, premium eggs and beat the egg yolk combination until it's light and frothy to guarantee that your egg coffee is safe to consume.
Source: CeilingFansLiving - a website review of the best products on Amazon
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Re: I wish to remove extension-free files from every folder group

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Did you already try a combination of selections under 'Mark by group' - in the Selection Assistant?
If you cannot find a solution in the end, maybe you could post some example file names for me or others here to test with:
Trying to find a combination of settings, which does the job...
...you want to perform.
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