Sub-options should always display

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Sub-options should always display

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Search filters

If All file extensions is checked
the Include / Exclude filters do not /appear/ (do not show)

Not seeing them, & never having had the occasion to want a specific include/exclude filter,
sends one scurrying around trying to find, "where is that option, it has to be there"!

IOW, it is not obvious that there are filters available - until once you have unchecked
> All file extensions

IMO it would be better, if Included / Excluded always displayed, but was grayed out
until 'All file extensions' was deselected


Similarly, in Content search, the hash method should always display (instead of making one question, "did I set it to... ?").
It's one line, & if it always shows, it is readily apparent & you don't have to think about it.
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