Hash Tool 1.2 Large File MD5

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Hash Tool 1.2 Large File MD5

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We are attempting to validate large files (greater than 2GB) and get a different MD5 HASH every time we run the application. Is there a maximum file size Hash Tool 1.2 can work with?
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Re: Hash Tool 1.2 Large File MD5

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Looks to work here.

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00fe241e74e72f2a0ca758bc3c2f1184	C:\LIB\WIN7-DELL-HomePremium-ISO\sources\install.wim
00fe241e74e72f2a0ca758bc3c2f1184	C:\out\recylererer\22\install.wim
00fe241e74e72f2a0ca758bc3c2f1184	C:\TMP\KKK\LIB\WIN7-DELL-HomePremium-ISO\sources\install.wim
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