Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5.14 released

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Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5.14 released

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Pleased to announce that Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5.14 is out now!

Lots of fixes and feature additions, including a few old favourites from version 4.


Added: Simplified Chinese translation
Added: Updated Estonian language translation
Added: .m2ts, .rm/.rmvb video support
Added: Photoshop PSD image support (needs raw image support option checkmarked)
Added: "Mark by Location" in the Selection Assistant (see manual for more info)
Added: Selection Assistant:"All but one matching set in each group" mode (see manual for more info - allows Version 4-like marking)
Added: Custom similar audio settings
Added: 'Find duplicates' sub-options to "Folders to Search" context menu.
Added: New image metadata fields including subseconds, tags, rating and IPTC title/description
Added: Keyboard shortcuts in Duplicate folders tab
Added: Temporary space limit setting for zip/archive files
Added: Disable Windows sleep while scanning
FIX: Group background coloring including clearer banding
FIX: Crash when changing Timespan tolerances
FIX: Secondary locale settings are ignored
FIX: Saving Selection Assistant settings.
FIX: Files in long paths >260 are not reporting as being deleted (listed as -99 fails) (via WindowShell) even though they are deleted.
FIX:The left and right arrows above the right sidebar of the image preview do not deactivate when the groups reach the end.
FIX: Rotated images displaying at wrong size in thumbnail mode
FIX:Duplicate filename+path within zip files causing delete operation to fail.
FIX: Improved rotated image detection.
Updated manual
Many other fixes and improvements

Note that the version numbering is changing in this version (from 5.0.13 to 5.14.0). This will help improve the behaviour of the Windows installer.
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