Feature Request: Facial Recognition (no, really!)

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Feature Request: Facial Recognition (no, really!)

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Please consider adding facial recognition to DFC.
What I want to do looks like this:

I have thousands of photos spread across hundreds of folders.
I want to organize all photos into folders with the actor's name by face. For instance:

./Random Mix

I want to locate all occurrences of 'bobby' in 'random mix' and MOVE them to ./Bobby.
Obviously there should be a mark/select/preview like you have now for Delete/Move.

Other notes: I currently use Picasa for this, but it has serious short comings that make this process 'very difficult' for large numbers of matches.
Primarily, when Picasa shows you likely matches, you cannot drag those matches directly to the folder you want! You must right click 'locate in Picasa'. You are then taken away form the list of possible matches to the folder that contains the matched image. At this point you can drag the image to the appropriate folder.

This is okay if you have a dozen or so images, but when you have a 100+K photos with thousands of matches, the system becomes unusable.

A little research shows that there is source code available for facial recognition. One such example is the GaussianFace recognition software available on GetHub https://github.com/jangerritharms/GaussianFace

Anyway, I could use this feature today and i am sure there are many others that would find this useful as well.

Thank you,

PS. Training: There is a reasonable and easy way to bootstrap the recognition metrics.
You could point DFC to for instance the .\Bobby folder and say 'this is bobby'. Now go find more "Bobby" elsewhere.
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