Starts With, Must Contain, Must Not Contain, Ends With

Tool for Search and Replace across multiple files.
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Starts With, Must Contain, Must Not Contain, Ends With

Post by PeterG » Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:28 pm

I would like to suggest a new feature in this excellent tool.

I provide a lot of support for a particular piece of software where the HTML could contain something like "red rabbit" but it could be written as
red rabbit
In other words, the string could be over multiple lines. Also there will be strings where the user needs to find instances of strings with the same start and the same end but where there will be variable text in between and it could be on one line or many lines.

The difficulty is that many, even most, would not know a regular expression if it smacked them. What they need are four fields as per the title of this post.

Another tab with those options would open up a whole new bunch of users. Would it be possible to add that please?
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