Finding : complicated cases

The best solution for finding and removing duplicate files.
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Finding : complicated cases

Post by francis »


First of all, thanks for the product !
t's a very powerfull tool, and very handy.
Very good job.

I'm triying to find the best strategies to find image duplicates.
But I can't manage do detect them if :

- it's the same picture but the resolution and/or the size differ greatly;
- if the picture is only a part of another one (slight difference);

Are there some ways to proceed ?

I can provide some files for testing if you need it.
I can't attach them to the post.

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Re: Finding : complicated cases

Post by DigitalVolcano »

WIth your first case, does using 'Good match' and unchecking the Same aspect / Same Resolution settings help?

It won't detect picture within picture yet unfortunately.
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