Duplicate Cleaner "Nice to Haves"

The best solution for finding and removing duplicate files.
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Duplicate Cleaner "Nice to Haves"

Post by CaliforniaRogue »

Hello Friends,

I love Duplicate Cleaner. For someone like me, who collects files until it hurts before removing the duplicates, this utility is a must-have.

I'm using Version 4.1.3, and I have a couple of suggestions that would greatly improve (in my opinion) the functionality. See the linked image for clarification.

When removing duplicates based on whether audio files are duplicates within a single folder (album) or duplicates but from different albums, it would be helpful to be able to add the "folder" column to the existing "Detail" view of "Audio" permanently rather than needing to add it each time I run a scan. See Item 1.

It would be helpful if the highlight bar was more visible whether or not it is in focus.

When the list of duplicate files is in focus, the highlight bar is easy to recognise. See Item #2.
When another window, such as a "Mark by" selection box, is in focus, the highlight bar is somewhat difficult to discerne. See Item #3.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Re: Duplicate Cleaner "Nice to Haves"

Post by therube »

You didn't hotlink your image correctly.
(Can you even hotlink from "onedrive"?)
In any case, this should take you to it, https://1drv.ms/u/s!AluQEJZAq-6OguwUDcT ... g?e=yU25aH.
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Re: Duplicate Cleaner "Nice to Haves"

Post by DigitalVolcano »

Thanks for the suggestions. (And thanks for fixing the image link therube!)

These shouldn't be an issue in the upcoming version 5
-It doesn't have the 'quick columns' any more - all columns are displayed by default and it remembers hidden columns and column heading order.
-There are a lot less pop up windows by design. All selection assistant controls are now part of the main UI.
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