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This program is super duper cool but...

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2021 8:45 pm
by jrsousa2
It has some flaws which i hope to help you guys address, here they are:
(I have 4.1.0, perhaps these have changed in newer versions)

1) when we choose the option audio check+ similar tags, it doesn't work at at all. I know I have tracks that match at audio and have similar tags, but if tags match are added in addition to audio, the results are always 0.

2) This is crucial, infernal irritating annoying POP-UP descriptions are a NO NO, and an indication of a poor software design. You guys should definitely at least give the user an option to disable the infernal annoying pop-ups, they are non-stop drive me insane.

3) This is such a NO BRAINER, I wonder why this program doesn't have it. If we select match on tags, we should also be able to select a match on length, but not an exact match (say Delta<=X secs), which is the only option this program gives us. I am really intrigued why this option is present when audio match is selected, but not when tags are selected. It's very useful to see duplicated with identical artist+title and whose delta length is less than or 3 seconds.

4) Another NO BRAINER, dupes selection shouldn't be one selection criterion or another, you guys should have cascade criteria. I want to keep the file with the highest bit-rate first, after that (if first rule is a tie) I want to pick the oldest file, etc. It's not one or the other.

I have too many mp3 files and i have been working on removing dupes in many different software, even doing my own coding, so I think I can offer a tip or two. That said, your program is great.

Re: This program is super duper cool but...

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 10:35 am
by DigitalVolcano
Thanks for the feedback!

1 -I will check this.
2- Option to hide the tooltip was added in 4.1.1 (probably turned off by default too)
3-Will look into this for version 5
4-This is implemented in version 5

Re: This program is super duper cool but...

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 4:24 am
by jrsousa2
Ok, just to be more accurate, the issue happens when similar tags (say title) is selected along with audio match (say 5 seconds), I know there are dupes that match both at audio content and title, but it gives me 0 results, unless I only pick audio content match.
It seems this doesn't happen if I pick exact title match and 5 secs of audio content, which is intriguing.

Another tip I have is, when we select to delete the files it asks to confirm we're going to delete N files, I click ok. After it deletes, it should not show me the files were deleted with another Ok for me to click again (maybe it's to give time for the user to know what happened). However, I know they were deleted, as I already clicked Ok once. Maybe this extra window should be shown only if a failure happens. I don't know, but I'm not a fan of clicking Ok's, when you're a frequent computer user, these constant boxes asking us to confirm things we DO INTEND to do add up to the stress Lol.

I for once hate Microsoft's practices, even more their asking us all the time if we want to save a file, say in Excel, when a user like me creates zillions of temporary spreadsheets just to do small calculation or testing in a sheet I have no intention to save. With Microsoft I had to go through the trouble of installing a VB macro in my personal book to defeat these pestilent Save sheet upon exit dialog boxes! I understand though that with computers there are a zillion scenarios and their most advanced pseudo-AI will never take care of all the problems, because they're not truly intelligent, they are smart algorithms at best. Another thing Microsoft has a penchant for doing that drives me insane is their annoying uninvited unwelcome ubiquitous Assistant pop-ups. The most useful thing these pestilent pop-ups could do is offer a way for them to be disabled right in their unwelcome tools, instead of us having to dig where the heck Microsoft hid the setting that allows us to disable the thing, if they even have that option, to begin with. They started out with the "be-hated" Office Clip assistant back in the 2000's, and then they didn't stop anymore. Lol

Oh, btw, the fields the user chooses definitely need to stick, in the order they choose. There's no reason why they need to do do it over and over again. In brief, there's so many things I noticed, but am not dissecting everything here.