Feature request: Enhanced result statistics

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Feature request: Enhanced result statistics

Post by wwcanoer »

Feature request: Enhanced result statistics

To differentiate from other duplicate programs, show result statistics that enable the user to understand what was found.

Some would be simple, such as the number of files of each filetype. (Use case: I'm thinking that I'm deduplicating my photos but the results include 4 exe files. Woah.. why? I better check...)

Some might be for show, such as a pie chart or bar chart of how many files in each folder or by type. (TreeSize type results)

The most useful for me would be a folder tree view of the results (like TreeSize), with % duplicates, # duplicate files, and size.
If I knew that folder A contains 90% duplicates and folder B is 30% duplicates, then it helps me decide that I should delete duplicates from folder A instead of folder B. (I mentioned this one before.)

Typically, I want to know "How much room can I save." The total size of duplicates isn't useful because if 2 of each file I can save 50% but if three of each file I save 66%. I often run the "all but one file in each group" just to see where I'm at with respect to potential savings.

Obviously, any additional calculations take time, so best to have a button to open in another tab when desired.
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Re: Feature request: Enhanced result statistics

Post by DigitalVolcano »

There's a pie chart/list in v5 with a break-down of file-types. It's updated live during the file discovery stage so you can cancel if you want to adjust the filters.

Tree result with percent duplicates is a good idea,.
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