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Slow - Almost Unusable Deletion

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 1:42 pm
I firstly Apologise for raising this again

Loving your product overall and fine for smallish file deletions where i can tick alternate rows but
I have searched the Forum and the Web in general and still seem to have this issue where Deletion is actually that slow It appears stopped

I have unticked Via Powershell (although this at least shows the filename being deleted changes and the process is running)
I have unticked Delete to Recycle Bin

I have ticked Skip Problem Files and only other tick i have is to remove empty folders

I left it running for 3 hours this morning to find it had deleted around 300 files out of 2400

I am running the latest Pro version v4.1.4

Can Anyone please advise how I speed this process up

Many Thanks