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Search Method Dropdown Retains Focus

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 6:40 pm
by therube
Search Method Dropdown Retains Focus

On my screen, 1280x768, with a 3-line taskbar, the Search Method tab has a scrollbar, so the possibility exits that there is content that you need to scroll to in order to see.

As it is, focus is retained on the Dropdown - unless you click one of the option Boxes.
IOW, if you click the Search Method tab, you cannot scroll the page using the mouse-wheel.
(What that does, is to scroll the Search Method dropdown dialog.)

Even clicking into the body of the tab (without click an option Box) does not change the focus, it remains with the dropdown.
So you are forced to use the scrollbar (rather then mousewheel) to scroll down.

I would think it better that focus would be in the body of the tab rather then on the Search Method?
That way (mousewheel) scroll would work & if someone actually wanted to change the Search Method, then they click the dropdown...