Image Preview Shortcut?

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Image Preview Shortcut?

Post by Dschneider » Tue Aug 18, 2020 5:53 am

Hi All,

Maybe my search logic is faulty, but I didn't see this question asked/answered in the forum. If it's there and I'm not finding it, I apologize.

Question: In Image Preview, is there a shortcut way to mark all images in a preview?

For example, Reviewing images, I see one with multiple duplicates, and neither the original or the duplicates are worth keeping. Is there a way to mark all with a keystroke rather than clicking "Mark" on each image?

I'm a hobbyist photographer, and as you can imagine, I keep major numbers of duplicates to avoid losing that one "masterpiece". ;) On the other hand, sometimes I see pics in preview that aren't worth keeping even one of, and I'd just like to mark them all and move on.

Perhaps I'm overlooking this feature?

Great product. HUGE time saver.
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Re: Image Preview Shortcut?

Post by DigitalVolcano » Wed Aug 19, 2020 10:14 am

There isn't currently a 'Mark all' button in the Image Preview.

You can still mark them in the main window while the preview is showing - select all in the group and hit space. I realise this is more than one click though!

I'll look into this for v5.
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