Command line parameters suggestion

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Command line parameters suggestion

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With hash databases increasing in size, the probabilities of malformed errors appear to be increasing, or they become increasingly precious without regular back-ups (so that a malformed can at least be replace by last good bkp).

Since database location can be stored in ini file as user preference, I would suggest a command line parameter that could be included in desktop shortcut to the executable with various ini file location (which would be a more general mechanism in the event of other parameters becoming user tweak-able, rather than having command line parameter for each custom setting).

This would allow for modular sessions with as many thematic or profile categories as wanted, and keeping each one size restricted.

I often have many types of profiles which never intersect, so that modular databases per user choices, can be chosen at execution time by having many shortcuts of exe to various ini file, corresponding in turn to various DBs. having a malformed due to recent mishap corrupt other non-related categories, seems unneeded waste of crunching/user time in building such databases for big drives and many drives.

i have somewhat repeated my self to make sure that the idea is clear. probably failed. can make it more precise. I wonder how many would find this useful, and whether it might actually already be possible. (I guess i could manually have many ini files, and keep switching them, a command line would allow better book-keeping of the categories embedded in the different databases. less probability of confusion.

Thank you for considering this.
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