Create Shortcut Feature

The best solution for finding and removing duplicate files.
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Create Shortcut Feature

Post by vivification »


We just recently downloaded your program to clean up some duplicate data on our File Server.

I am a little confused about how his "Hard Link" system works when you delete duplicate data.
What does it actually do?

I was reading up here on the forums that you can now create a shortcut in Version 5.

How can we download this version to use this feature as it would be really helpful.

Well done on the program by the way, it is a great tool.

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Re: Create Shortcut Feature

Post by therube »

Hard Links only work on the save drive letter (volume).
So if your "File Server" is NTFS, feasible that it would work if your dups are on that drive.
A hard link is a directory entry for a file. Every file can be considered to have at least one hard link. On NTFS volumes, each file can have multiple hard links, and thus a single file can appear in many directories (or even in the same directory with different names). Because all of the links reference the same file, programs can open any of the links and modify the file. A file is deleted from the file system only after all links to it have been deleted. After you create a hard link, programs can use it like any other file name.

You can only create hard links on NTFS volumes. You cannot create hard links between volumes (different hard drives or network shares). Duplicate Cleaner will only let you hard link same content files.

When creating Hard Links there needs to be at least one file in each duplicate group left unticked. This will be the 'original' file to which the other ticked files in the group are linked. Once linked there will appear to be no difference between the linked file and the original in Windows Explorer. In addition, hard linked files will appear again as duplicates if you re-scan, unless you have the 'Exclude hard linked files from duplicate list' menu option checked.

Hard links are only recommended for advanced users.

More, What is the difference between NTFS hard links and directory junctions?

Has 5 been released yet?
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Re: Create Shortcut Feature

Post by DigitalVolcano »

Only use hard links if you are aware of how they work (changing the contents on one linked file changes all).

Version 5 does have symlinks and shortcuts but it isn't released yet. Progress is slowed due to various things (including pandemics!)

Junctions are for folders - See- ... -junctions
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Re: Create Shortcut Feature

Post by wendel »

What is the estimated release date for the version ?
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