Support for Synology Nas

The best solution for finding and removing duplicate files.
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Dexter Jackson
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Support for Synology Nas

Post by Dexter Jackson » Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:07 pm


I have been a user of duplicate cleaner pro for years. It would be awesome if you had an app available directly on Synology NAS devices.

I know I would buy another copy if it could live on my nas rather than running over a network share.

There is a built in option to find duplicates on a Synology NAS but it is awful.

I was thinking it may be a way to get your software in front of more power/small business users that would be happy to pay for this kind of software.

( I know i could run a docker and get the job done that way too but native apps are so much easier from a user standpoint)

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Re: Support for Synology Nas

Post by kawaz750 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:22 pm


It is excellent that Duplicate Cleaner can find duplicates in network attached disks, but scanning there is so slow (several days !) that is makes it almost impossible to use.

What kills me is that the CPU usage (a few %) and Disk Access (< 2.0 MB/s) are extremely low. I assume Disk Access in that case is not the actual scanning/reading as this is a NAS but then, looking at the activity (CPU and Network I/O) on the NAS itself, is it also ridiculously low.

Unless I missed some configuration option, I’m afraid Duplicate Cleaner is not scanning NAS efficiently, hence my question: are you planning to correct this, either by having some companion software executing on the Synology NAS (DSM application) or by making it much more efficient ?

Another remark: There is a progression bar / % of files analysed and even a total time counter that show some activity during some phases (hash calculation for example). But there are phases during which progress bar is at 100% and total time counter is frozen and there can be no sign of activity at all during hours. Could you implement anything that proves there is some actual work ongoing ?

Thanks !
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