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The best solution for finding and removing duplicate files.
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Quicker Workflow

Post by pdupreez » Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:14 pm

It is highly likely that my question relates to my lack of knwoledge to use the program properly, but I find the work pattern required with DC cumbersome. I normally have DC open together with an Explorer window or something else with music files (Musicbrainz Picard, Jaikoz etc) together with WizTree. This gives me an idea of the biggest folders, what is in them etc, and confirms that there are duplicates in the group of files I look at.

What I want to be able to do is setup DC with specific settings for music files (search by MB ID or Accoustic ID, whatever) as you do today and then drop and drag a folder from wherever I am (Explorer, Jaikoz etc, all who does that very well with AIMP convertor etc) onto DC and to start the scan (using the same button as now).

Once the scan is done, I would want to do my selections etc and have a single button to process the duplicate files (also pre-configured/current config, no click here, click there, click that etc) and that's it. No pop-ups to explain how many files it moved/copied, no asking if I want to view the folders.

If all the duplicates in the list has been removed, it clears the folder and waits for the next drag and drop. If there are still folders left, and I drop another folder it automatically adds to the current folder list. No need to pick the tab, delete the old folder, go back to Explorer, drag the next folder in, click the start scan button, click on the duplicate file tab etc etc etc.

It is very time consuming, and a more "batch" approach would be great, drop and go, drop and go
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