Image Preview - Mark / Select - Not Working

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Image Preview - Mark / Select - Not Working

Post by laurin1 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:21 pm

Windows 10 Pro x64 1709

When I first loaded the search results using Image Mode today, it worked fine, then as I wen through and began marking files, the UI stopped working properly. If I have Image Preview turned off, it works fine, but with it on, if I click on one image in the group, I can't select the other image in the group (for viewing), but more importantly, I can't mark anything. Well, I say I can't, but it seems to be marking some of the time, but does not show up in the UI, until I click away into a different group and then back into that same group.

In fact, I just tested this and the Mark function is working, but until I turn off Image Preview, the marks don't show up.

Wow, another bug related to this issue - if I click Mark IN the Preview Window (I was clicking Mark in the list in the above operation), the group coloring in the results list disappears! If I close Image Preview, then it comes back.
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