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Sort columns not working

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2016 5:41 pm
by janiko
Hi all,

I have DC4 (4.0.1) and I can't sort the duplicate files list by clicking on the column name :( The list remains with default sort option (by group).

Any idea ?

Re: Sort columns not working

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2016 5:50 pm
by DigitalVolcano
Uncheck the 'Always sort by group first' checkbox. ... t=MTkw#top

Re: Sort columns not working

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:12 pm
by punar
Unchecking the 'Always sort by group first' checkbox is useless. It just makes the sort order even more chaotic.

Actually the whole sorting algorithm used by Duplicate Cleaner needs a complete rewrite. files and folders aren't sorted in a logical order at all. Take a look at my thread here where I have tried to explain the problem:

Edit 2017-01-07:
Sorting was fixed in v4.0.4

Re: Sort columns not working

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:06 am
by B00ze
Good day.

I must add my voice here, sorting is "broken" because all it does is sort WITHIN groups (which is useless when all groups contain only a few files). Turning off "Always sort by group first" is also useless because then the groups are broken-up. What you need is to first sort the whole list by whatever column the user chooses, then starting from the top, creating a new linked list as you go along, do a full scan and add any duplicate files to each item, removing the item and its duplicates from the first list and adding them to the target list. It's not difficult to code. You added colors to the SIZE column because you think "oh we can't sort because which of the duplicates would we chose?" but sorting by size/name/path AND ALSO by GROUP is easy, and the resulting list is easy to understand; no one will be all lost when they sort. And if you allow sorting A->Z and also Z->A then both permutations of groups of 2 files [(a,z) and (z,a)] can be generated. I agree it will never be perfect (groups of 3+ duplicates will never sort all 3+ possible ways) but it would be far better than what we have now.

I would consider this a high priority enhancement.

Thank you.
Best Regards,

Re: Sort columns not working

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:37 am
by punar
Version 4.0.4 seems to have fixed the sorting. It looks perfect now!

Re: Sort columns not working

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:19 pm
by dbague
i have version 5.0.5 and sort columns do not work (at least for size it does not)

the little triangle atop the column header acknowledges the click, but no effect on data column.

Sorry: i had the checkbox "sort by group first" checked. leaving this post here in case other distracted users.

Re: Sort columns not working

Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 2:58 pm
by Cadill
Using version 4.1.4. For some reason "Always sort by groups first" is checked and the option is grayed out so I can't change it. Anyone know why that would be? Thanks!

UPDATE: You have to be in "Details View" (see view options at the top) in order for "always sort by groups first" to be selectable/unselectable. Problem solved!