RFE: Invert Marked Files based on Filter:

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RFE: Invert Marked Files based on Filter:

Post by therube » Thu Oct 30, 2014 4:04 pm

RFE: Invert Marked Files based on Filter Marked:

I think that would be a worthwhile addition.
As it is now, Invert affects all files regardless of Filter Marked.


I scan two trees, a source & a backup.
Source is folder based, backup is a single directory, no sub-directories.
In most cases I'm OK selecting all from the backup, at which point I'm done.

But this time, I'm only wanting to delete some of the files from the backup, based on the directories they are in from the source side.
Selecting from the source is easy because I can Mark all found in this folder tree.
But I've marked the source files, where I actually wanted the corresponding backups.
Invert would do it - if there were an option to only affect Filter Marked.



Thinking now, actually I can do it as it is.
In the Filtered view, Sort by Path.
All the (Filtered) source dups are marked.
Highlight the first, then shift+click the last, then Unmark all selected.
Then just to the opposite from the backup directory, Marking all selected.

That should do it.

Actually you have to perform those actions in reverse order.
First Mark all the backup files, then Unmark all the source files.
(Otherwise once you Unmarked the sources, the Filter: [Group Has Marked] has nothing to match, so no files at all display.)
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