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Feature Request

Post by ayocak » Thu May 30, 2013 8:42 pm


I'm testing Duplicate Cleaner and i think it's great. Althouht some features make it more usable. I have some in my mind, i will post time to time.

This one is hard to implement :
The tab "Duplicate Folders" shows equal content by search filters. If there is an option to show status "FolderA has contains files in the FolderB and also contains other files", which is ">" not "=".

Code: Select all

FolderA  >  FolderB
file1    =   file1
file2    =   file2
file4    =   file
To show this status, the "> folder" can be first sub node, others can 2nd, 3th sub nodes. As i said it requires much code.
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