Duplicate Cleaner 4.0 Pro released

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Duplicate Cleaner 4.0 Pro released

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We are pleased to announce that Duplicate Cleaner 4 Pro has been released!

*This is a paid upgrade for users of Duplicate Cleaner 3 who purchased earlier than 2016*
We will send out upgrade discount vouchers and keys very soon. Please contact support if you want to get your key or voucher straight away.

Updated GUI
Find unique files functionality
Match by same file extension
Match by same folder name (full path or to a specified depth)
Size matching tolerance
Date matching tolerance
Exclude filter can now work on folder names
Flag input folder(s) as a Master - Only files which duplicate the ones in the Master will be listed
Flag input folder(s) as Protected - you can't mark or remove from a protected folder
Image Mode - Match by tags (Digitised dates, comments, ImageUniqueID, etc)
Image Mode - Match by closest distance (for geotagged images)
Audio Mode - Match by more tags including TrackNo, year, genre, comment, AmazonID, MusicBrainzID, AcoustID, etc
Selection Assistant - Undo last selection
"Search within list" feature
Hash Caching - speeds up repeat searches
Now uses the windows file engine for deletion, etc - gives more feedback and is much faster
.NET Framework 4.5 support
Many other fixes and optimizations.
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