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Can't Recover License Key

Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2023 3:16 pm
by Soeroah

I'm in the process of preparing to replace my computer and I was hoping to recover my Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5 license for the new machine. However, when I go to the Recover License Key website and put in any of my email addresses I would have used for the purchase, I get the message "Sorry, nothing found for this address".

I've gone through the email accounts and I can't find any emails regarding my purchase of a license key. I'm very confused as I definitely registered it around 12 April 2022, as per my bank records.

Is there any method I could use to manually recover my key? Thanks...

Edit: Managed to finally dreg up the email with the key, but leaving the post up just in case someone needs to tell me I can't transfer the license to another PC